Essential Values for Bible Study Group

Having group individuals examine and consent to the accompanying qualities helps in participation, support and classification. It additionally brings a responsibility which will help in development and development of the participant.

Prior to each new period of Bible study, I have a “Presentation Night” for all little group pioneers. This is an ideal chance to manufacture a network among the pioneers and give materials and a short audit of each up and coming study. I additionally give each lady the accompanying…

Duty to Essential Leadership Values


Worth #1: Purpose

I reason to seek after development in my Christian life by building up a relationship with God through close to home commitment, study and petition.

Worth #2: Group Attendance

I will offer need to the group meeting and will bring ahead of time in the event that I will be late or missing.

Worth #3: Safe Environment

I will progress in the direction of making the holy book study a sheltered spot where individuals can be heard and feel cherished by not furnishing snappy responses, snap decisions or straightforward fixes.

Worth #4: Confidentiality

I will keep whatever is shared inside the group private.

Worth #5: Conflict Resolution

I will carry worries to the consideration of the facilitator.

Worth #6: Spiritual Health

I give select group individuals consent to offer me some sound advice, varying, to assist me with living a solid, adjusted profound life that is satisfying to God.

Every lady is approached to sign two duplicates. One she provides for me, and the other she keeps before her womens bible study materials. These qualities help group pioneers remain responsible while tutoring one another and giving a position of development to all individuals.